Unraveling Anxiety Online Group

Join us for a 4-week online group

Join Jodi Dunphy and Karla Adkins on a 4 week journey exploring just exactly what anxiety is, how to recognize it, and tools to decrease the negative impact it has on your every day life! This workshop is a virtual workshop that also includes the option of 4 weekly personal coaching appointments.  The videos are taught by Jodi Dunphy, Licensed Professional Counselor and Karla Adkins, Certified Life Coach.  These videos will set you up to begin exploring anxiety and your body as well as tools to combat the impact stress can have on you. Your weekly coaching calls will bring a personalized touch, allowing you to have one-on-one time with certified life coach, Karla Adkins, owner of Lifepath Recovery Coaching. 


This workshop is now ongoing! You can register anytime. 


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A workshop you won't want to miss!

The Unraveling Anxiety workshop is $125 per person - this includes trainings from Jodi Dunphy, LPC, certified in Biofeedback, EMDR & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Karla Adkins, Recovery and Brain Health Coach as well as helpful handouts & resources.

Interested in Coaching with Karla? Weekly check ins with Karla to reinforce the tools you are learning is available for an additional $75. 

Unraveling Anxiety is a workshop brought to you by professionals from Oceanside Solutions in Pawleys Island, SC

Unraveling Anxiety


Video 1:

Who we are and why we are on a mission to unravel anxiety and live the life we are meant to live!

Video 2 - Week 1

Knowing my anxiety: “I can’t fix what I don’t know”

Video 3 - Week 2

Stopping the downward spiral: “In order to feel different I have to think different” 

Video 4 - Week 3

“Help! My anxiety is so high I can’t think straight!” - building my 7-10 tool box

Video 5 - Week 4

Mindfully Yours: Staying grounded; Wrap-up and FAQ

Bonus Videos

Karla's Why

Alcohol and Anxiety

Resources to help you live more freely

Extra Q&A with Karla and Jodi


Unraveling Anxiety Workshop

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Life Path Coaching

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Coaching Sessions with Karla - only for participants in the February 1 group workshop.


Coaching with Karla

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Coaching with Karla is a great addition to the 4 week workshop! Once registered, Karla will reach out and schedule with you. 


Unraveling Anxiety Workshop Extension

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If you are finding that a month of listening to the workshop and practicing the tools is not enough, we are giving you the option to extend your membership for another month! No need to re-purchase the workshop, simply sign up for the extension!